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Saturday, December 18, 2010

TCS vs INFY- an Honest Comparison

TCS vs INFY- an Honest Comparison

Experience Certainty.
“This is something that our clients already know; now we are letting the Cat
out of the Bag”
Vision: “To be Global Top 10 by 2010″
Win the Flat World.
“The competition has been leveled, the world is flat”

These are the two leading Indian IT companies that are set to lead the IT
world globally. Both are basically “Computer Services Companies” even though
they have their own Products like “Infy Finacle” and “TCS Quartz”.

Even though they compete in the same area,
Even though they have many common clients,
Even though they do a lot of similar work,
these two are totally different in the way they work, their policies, the
way they see the clients/employees, the way they handle projects.

TCS is a 39 year old $4 billion company compared to Infosys which is 25 year
old $3 billion company. Let’s compare from two perspectives:
1) Customer
2) Employee
1) Customer

As a Customer to these two companies, you won’t find much differences. Both
deliver things on time, both deliver code of same quality etc.
But TCS may be a bit cheaper than Infosys, but latter may guarantee more
for that price.
2) Employee
As an Employee, one can see a lot of differences.
1) Work Pressure

This is the first and foremost thing an employee looks for. Here obviously
TCS scores. You will rarely see people slogging in TCS whereas there is no
Infy without Slogging. Of course this difference to certain extent comes
from some extra quality things that are done at Infy, but still TCS do not
mind saying “No” when it’s difficult. Infy manager rarely has the world “No”
in their dictionary.
Note: No matter what facilities a company provides, if the workload is high,
your life will be miserable.
2) Remuneration

Infy have a well defined compensation policy. They have increments every
year and everything follows proper process. At the end, TCS guy too have the
same salary, but there are no processes as such.
One good thing about TCS is their Variable pay is less compared to infy
i.e. TCS gives what they promises but Infy may not.

Infosys is a company that loves to make Employees pay tax.
In a way, Infy is more patriotic.
TCS is more practical and loves to be in the side of employees.
3) Infrastructure
Well, this point, don’t even think of comparing. They are miles apartInfosys has world class facilities which only a few companies can boast of.
TCS infrastructure is pathetic say even it is Buildings, Computers,
Internet, Transport or Food courts. Computers @ TCS are generations behind.
4) Security

“Too much security” is an apt phrase for TCS. It is good from customer point
of view, but very very bad from an Employee point of view. You need to get
lot of permissions to login to a system and need a lot of access to make it
working. Half your life will go in TCS raising tickets or you will become
too lazy that you will stop using some of the facilities instead of raising
tickets. Life is so much better at Infy where things are “Hare paced’ not
“Tortoise paced” like TCS processes.
5) Work Culture

Infy has a lot of team building activities, cultural programs etc from the
HR side where as a TCS guy will see an HR only when he is in bench.
But sometimes the Infy activities end up creating a lot of pressure which
finally ends up in dissatisfaction which was actually intented Employee
satisfaction. But Infy do score here.
6) Ethics

Infy is really a company with a conscience. It is very transparent and
manages things in a beautiful way. It is indeed the “BEST MANAGED COMPANY”.
TCS has to go a long way in this to achieve this level of Transparency even
though they are trying.
7) Initiatives

There are a lot of initiatives that happens in Infy like for example “The
Ozone initiative”. It aims at reducing the paper usage. Infy will never use
paper unless it’s very necessary. “Online” rules Infy.

In TCS, one can see paper paper every where. Even for a survey, they don’t
have a proper “Survey” tool, which in turn leads them to the Manual paper
survey which not only leads to inefficiency but also it wastes lot of paper,
which in turn wood, which in turn trees, which in turns harms the Nature.
Btw, sometimes i do prefer certain things in Paper.
Then there are very active Bulletin Boards, Writer’s Forums etc in Infy
which you will never find in any another company.
8) Brand Name

Infy shows the ordinary things as Extra ordinary. That is their way of
Branding while TCS was not bothered about branding till now as they had a
strong Backbone from “TATA”. Now they have realized the importance of
branding and they have started a good campaign for better branding.
9) Code Quality Vs Documentation

Code Quality is the keyword of TCS while Infy will bore people with the word “Documentation”. Even though the word “Documentation” is boring, it is very important in the long run.
10) Average Age

Average age of employees in Infy is much less than that of TCS. TCS runs
mainly with Experienced people where as Infy is a “Fresher” driven company
making it more like college.
11) Processes
Too many Processes spoil the Code. This happens only in Infy.

Now wat i think tat its tcs bcoz as a fresher u need some stability and low pressure as u hv no idea wat the working in IT industry is all about and all those training of TCS ILP or infy mysore campus is not going to help u when u r on project u will get to learn through ur seniors working out problems urself and here tcs scores over infy as job security is more in tcs in infy the days for fresher is a nightmare.Infosys has a good PR office they go bragging in market and they are given a hype by media.
Training at TCS- Training accommodation is awesome. Properly furnished, tv and fridge, they do provide housekeeping. Every 4 days they change bed sheets and pillow covers, everyday they sweep and every 4-5 days he comes and washes the toilet as well. Earlier tcs tests had 50% cutoff and they were openbook tests and now the tests will be closed book and the cutoff is 65%. Girls actually don’t have have a dress code, actually girls can wear anything salwaar kameez, trousers and top, sari, everything is allowed. Training syllabus-1. soft engg 2. data structure 3. os 4. dbms 5. boot programming 6. unix
Salery- package for off campus B.E/B.TECH is 3.16 lacs per annum and MCA/M.TECH is 3.5 lacs per annum for off campus, It’s against hr policy of TCS to discusses or disclose the salary information in public, be careful guys (who cares!)
TCS or Infosys?- From employee point of view , in most of the criteria like Salary,work culture,work pressure etc all the top companies are same.
In case of work pressure,work culture it depends on your luck, ( project you are getting allocated). In every company you will have simple & tough projects ,friendly & strict managers.But if u ask people, some will tell this company is bad in work culture, work load etc.. if they say then it is thier bad luck on getting allocated to such projects.you will find their statements wrong if u discuss with people in few other projects..
Even in case of salary initially it will be higher in one company but you will find the salary of another company higher in second year.That is if you take avg of salary from the time of joining to next 6 yrs all of these top companies will be almost equal.
The only criteria left is the growth potential/fundamental of the company.As you know TCS is ASIA’s No1 It company with projects all over the world and they have signed long term contract from our BSNL to US, European companies so the company will survive even if there is any fall in IT boom.
TCS, IBM or CTS ?- I would say that on the parameters discussed above I find TCS and CTS as 50:50 choice.TCS runs more in a conventional way adopted from TATA manufacturing group.
Positives of this are that you won’t loose your job but negative is that age will always be counted for superiority.Where as CTS is comparatively young organisation and therefore more flambouyant and aggressive in approach from marketing to canteen ..

Now if you ask me to choose 1 out of TCS and CTS then I have to vote TCS 51 % as I am employee of it and I feel it is the best that’s why I am here but I am sure if u ask the same question in CTS community then you will get another answer simply because people there think that CTS is the best and that’s why they are there

Each company has its Prons and Cons. It’s the Employee who should decide
what they want

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