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Friday, February 11, 2011

Finaly got date of joining from TCS, its 28 march @ ilp hyderabad

I have been a little busy for last 3 months doing all dose boring training stuffs, ppt ,study materials. I had joined Lnt Infotech on 28 dec and after that life became monotonous. Same boring office works living like a robot which has been programmed to do all sort of thing except getting some quality time for myself. I always thought life was going to be much easy and would relax after getting a job in the IT industry but actually its not exactly the case  here or say its a destiny of a fresher to be doomed in this big bad corporate world. Anyways its the end of chapter one of my career signing off from Lnt  and signing in to TCS hyderabaad looking forward to ilp days, have heard its something like a paid holiday .This is something which i m looking for ryt now. I was looking for some before hand experience from my senior batches of ilp Hyderabad googled it but i think they are not quite active as compared to their counterparts from other ilps looking  forward to TCS and off course hyderabadi biryaani  ;)


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